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Established in 2008, SC Industrial has helped individuals and companies improve their efficiency while lowering costs. We carry on the highest quality products, and our loyalty is renowned.
Band Saw Blades
We offer Arntz, DoAll & Sterling sawing products.
Band Saw Machine
We offer new and refurbished bandsaw machines.
Parts And Service
We service and repair your machines as well as offer specialty programs to help you maintain your equipment.
We know our coolant! We offer several types for all your needs.
Misting Systems
Check out our great Misting Systems.
Info about abrasives
Where we are
We can meet you by appointment from Monday to Friday between 08:00am and 4:00pm.
Why to choose us

Rates that are unbelievable! We can boast that our hourly rate for customers is a money saver. Our service staff is highly trained and ready to solve all your machine issues. Not only can we save you in service, but we can also get you band saw parts at competitive prices. Just ask!

Specializing in:

  • Amada
  • DoAll
  • Marvel
  • Hyd-Mech
  • Cosen
  • HE&M Saw
  • Friggi
  • Behringer … and more

Keep in mind we will also repair your circular saw, wood band saw, and any other horizontal or vertical band saw.

The band saw blade manufacturers we offer are made with quality. Every year we test many blade manufacturers to gauge our current products against our competition. This helps us make sure that we are carrying products that we can stand behind. And what’s even more impressive is our pricing. Give us a call, lets us out perform and out price your current band saw blade choice.

Looking for new? Maybe used? Need a metal saw, wood cutting saw or something more unique like a foam cutting saw? No matter what, we can get you the right machine for your requirements. We are experts at matching people with the perfect saw!

Make sure to check in periodically to see our ever changing flow of used saws.

That’s right! We offer training. Understanding that cutting takes time to learn, our hopes are to try and minimize that learning period. We can come to your facility and give a thorough training to new or existing employees. If that doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, send your trainee to our shop to receive hands on experience. Which ever you prefer, we are glad to help accommodate your needs.

Our support is also an added value. Many times our customers come across situations where they are having difficulties. This is where it pays to have a place to call to answer any question. With our guidance, our customers get more out of their blades than the standard. We do all we can to help make things as smooth as possible.

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We are located in Southern California.

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We are a small family orientated distributor, who proudly treats customers like our own. We believe that business should be done in an honest and respectable manner. Giving more than just a product when you buy from us. We gladly offer our knowledge and help along with everything we do.
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